Collecting and organizing data about your equipment has never been easier with the myZEFER™ product from IDSYSCOM

The myZEFER™ application allows the user to collect data such as Tag Names, Model Number & Serial Numbers, Capacities and other important information about your equipment and returns this information back to you either at the piece of equipment with a QR code TAG or at your desktop.  

The application allows you to upload Maintenance Manuals, Submittals, Test & Balance Reports (TAB) or equipment start-up reports and make them available to Service Techs, Contractors, Engineers or others that you might need to get accurate and organized information to for your facility.

One of the amazing things about the myZEFER™ product is that once the data is collected on your equipment, it's intelligent search PROACTIVELY monitors for information from the manufacturer, safety or consumer organizations and other users to effectively CrowdSource predictive information about your equipment. Never be surprised again by a failure that could have been predicted and avoided by not knowing all you need to know about your infrastructure.

Also, this infrastructure data makes it easily applied to CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Services) like never before and for a very affordable cost.  Call us today about the benefits of both myZefer and possible enrollment in a cloud based CMMS program.