Whether you are a buyer, seller, or Real Estate Broker, qualifying the infrastructure for a new facility can make the difference in closing the sale.


We know that time is critical during these sales. We leverage a Nation-wide network of Systems Professionals to provide fast, competent qualification services to meet your needs.

Our team of Facility Operators can quickly provide the following services:


  • Onsite inspection of the facility Infrastructure including mechanical systems, electrical systems, roofing and building shell.

  • Collect information on selected infrastructure using the powerful myZefer by IDSYSCOM infrastructure management app.   This will return the following information back to you:

    • Infrastructure Equipment Lists

    • Size or Capacity

    • Condition.  This can be either a visual condition analysis or an operational analysis.

    • Life-cycle Analysis - Age, Expected Life-cycle, Asset Replacement Value, Current Value, Sinking Fund Analysis.

  • Free myZefer account transfers to the new owner creating extraordinary value in Upfits, Design and Day One Maintenance.

  • Drone and asset photography using our InfraVid commercial Drone Video Services.

  • Pre-sale HVAC Service Maintenance.  As part of our inspection, we can perform an initial HVAC maintenance service to make certain of operational integrity.