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We specialize in Non-Proprietary Open Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Control Systems.

Need an upgrade to your existing system? Have you been told that your upgrade will require unit control hardware changes? We've partnered with some of the most trusted names in the industry to provide integrations into existing control hardware systems.

Independent Integrator

We have partnered with a group of trusted control equipment manufacturers to provide open pathways to almost any existing BMS system hardware and software. As Independent Integrators, we don't have to make a square peg fit in a round hole. We listen and understand the client's goals and then match network integration equipment and protocol plug-ins to speak virtually any protocol language and system and bring it back into a common Operations Dashboard.​​


We build our dashboards to meet your facility operations needs. We measure, report, and alarm your facility's information back to you in a format that makes sense.​


We specialize in Industrial, Commercial or Multi-site Commercial Retail clients and can bring a common dashboard and metrics to economically enhance any operations need.

Equipment Integrations

We can also integrate directly into HVAC, Electrical, and Process Equipment.  Whether it is for a Commercial, Industrial, or Mission Critical Facility, InfraPros has the capability to provide real-time data directly from your Chiller, RTU, VFD, Boiler, or any other facility system with communications capabilities.


Some popular integrations include:

and many more...

Equipment Integrations

Using the myZEFER™ Asset Application, your InfraPros BMS will collect important information about your equipment, integrate it into the BMS or ePMS and return it to the operator or service technician via the Graphical Operations Dashboard or by QR Code tag on the equipment itself. 

myZEFER™ even crowdsources information about your equipment and can bring you important information from the Manufacturer, Safety and Consumer Organizations, and even other users of similar equipment to make your site more reliable.

For more information about myZEFER™ and how this provides the most comprehensive operations tool in the world, click here. myZEFER™ by IDSYSCOM.  If You Only Knew™

Trusted, experienced, and proven.  The InfraPros team can provide you with turn-key solutions that:​

  • Improve Reliability

  • Provide Security 

  • Decrease Energy Use

  • Provide Economical upgrade paths

  • Improve Alarming and Messaging

  • Provide important Asset Information

  • Complement Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

  • Are easy to use

  • Increase interoperability

  • Give you Options and Control over your service providers

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