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InfraPros manufactures custom hydronic skids to meet your project’s needs, including chiller skids, boiler skids, custom process skids, rainwater reclamation skids, pumping skids, and more.


Our turnkey modular skids are built in our manufacturing facility in parallel with building construction. Once your facility is ready for installation, the completed hydronic skid system will be delivered and placed in its specified location, saving valuable project schedule time and on-site labor costs.

Benefits of Off-Site Construction versus traditional built-onsite systems:

  • Superior equipment and materials procurement

  • Hydronic testing is completed before delivery, saving time and ensuring fewer issues during start-up and commissioning

  • We produce equipment that is economical in operation and serviceable throughout its life cycle

  • BIM design allows for efficient facility integration

  • Less time is needed from project kick-off to completion

  • Reduced installation time means minimal project interruptions

  • Modular skids allow for ease of assembly, transport, maintenance, and expansion

  • Lowered overall project capital cost


Pressure Booster Packages

Pressure Booster Packages deliver end-to-end ease. Choose InfraPros Booster Systems to streamline specification, installation, and operation.

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