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Developing innovative processes for preventative maintenance and repairs can provide you with better service at a lower price.


Our team will work with you to develop a budget and level of service to meet your requirements. By using decades of industry knowledge and new technologies, we can help ensure efficiency in maintaining your equipment while improving the energy efficiency of your facility.

Our team of professionals will create a customized Preventative Maintenance Program for your facility's equipment. Our equipment expertise includes:

  • Chilled Water Systems, including Pumps, Cooling Towers, and Accessories for both HVAC and Process Applications

  • DX Packaged and Split Air Conditioning Systems

  • Boilers - Natural Gas and Electric 

  • Exhaust Fans

  • Variable Air Volume Systems

  • Control Systems for both HVAC and Process Control

  • Building Management Systems - all types serviced, new services based on open protocol and direct equipment integration


We leverage our vendor relationships to get you the lowest prices on repair or replacement equipment.

Lower costs on your materials and proactive mechanical and electrical service mean you spend less and have less downtime. 

InfraPros exclusively uses the myZEFER™ facility asset program on each piece of equipment that we service. In addition to providing Tagging and smart Asset Documentation services, myZEFER™ also crowdsources repair, safety, and service information about each piece of equipment we service in your facility. When other service providers, manufacturers, safety, and consumer organizations start talking about similar equipment, InfraPros uses this information to predict potential service, safety, or operational issues in your facility. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in the case of your equipment, it could mean savings of thousands of dollars and unscheduled downtime for your facility.

Every contract comes with a FREE asset tag and lifecycle information account from myZEFER™ by IDSYSCOM on covered equipment.

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