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  • Jeff Farlow

InfraPros Shows Support for Undefeated Dudley Panthers

In our commitment to community involvement, InfraPros sponsored the pre-game meal for the Greensboro NC Dudley Panthers High School Football team, who are now enjoying an undefeated run this season with a 4-0 record. The Panthers have been consistently dominating their opponents, with an impressive average winning margin of over 30 points.

This isn't just about the numbers on the scoreboard. Behind this remarkable team is a dedicated head coach and a coaching staff that’s doing more than just teaching the game of football. They are infusing the young athletes with a sense of pride, responsibility, and the importance of community values.

Supporting this spirit of community outreach, Kevin Cooper, President of InfraPros, has been actively engaging with students. He's not only cheering them on from the sidelines but also urging them to contemplate inclusive opportunities that may lie ahead, be it with InfraPros or any other worthy organization. Cooper's message is clear: there's a wide range of paths to consider after high school, whether it's trade school, college, or directly entering the workforce.

Jeff Farlow, the VP of InfraPros, shed light on the company's community-centric approach by stating, "We're working to find our place in communicating through the community by iteration." Recognizing the importance of feedback and adaptability, he continued, "We're collecting data and reporting to the community on the response. Success will see us doing more, and any shortcomings will only drive us to try harder. Our goal is not only to elevate ourselves but to inspire others in the business community to do the same."

It's part of our InfraPros DNA to step up, not just as sponsors but as community leaders, inspiring young minds and showing them the myriad possibilities the future holds. The Dudley Panthers' soaring success on the football field is indeed commendable, but with backers like InfraPros, they're also increasing the possibility of winning off the field in the game of life.

Click here to learn how you can support Dudley High School's Athletics Program



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