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  • Kevin Cooper, President

Diversity & Inclusion Message from our President, Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper, President

We’re at a turning point in our generation where we need to make sure that we get the message and action about diversity and inclusion right. It’s not that we haven’t tried before but it’s clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Hearing the powerful messages and recognizing the hurt in our communities requires a call to action toward a righteous goal of leveling the playing field for minorities in industries and businesses.  

Diversity and inclusion cannot be just a rally cry or talking point but requires a solid base from which to continually build upon for generations to come. True change comes with hard work and sacrifice and we can’t let our momentum end with a generational payoff until the next time.

At InfraPros, we’re purposely working to train and deliver the next generation of HVAC, Mechanical Service, and Construction professionals from traditionally underutilized communities and we’ll start at the top. If we do our jobs correctly, we’ll create a brighter future for us all.



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