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  • Kevin Cooper, President

Using myZEFER™ Data for Facility HVAC Maintenance..... Game Changer!

Using myZEFER data to capture, organize and learn information about economical HVAC preventative maintenance and operations is a game changer in our industry. At InfraPros, we always knew we'd have to be faster, smarter & stronger. We do this by using incredible applications to make our customer's equipment operate at their peak efficiency.

Using myZEFER HVAC equipment data does 3 critical things and sets us apart from the rest. We'll start with number three and work our way back.... and cut to the chase.

Number Three: The more efficiently your equipment runs, the lower your utility costs. It also improves your space conditions and actually makes your equipment last longer.

Number two: It helps us make sure that we are maintaining and operating the equipment in the most efficient way. By organizing your HVAC assets data, myZEFER can match your equipment with information from manufacturers, utility providers and even other users to uncover processes that will reduce your facility costs, and in many cases, extend the expected life-cycle of your equipment.

Number one: It helps us to collect and organize information about your facilities assets. Here is a simple question. How in the world can you provide a energy and cost efficient solution if you can't measure and understand how the equipment is supposed to operate?

Don't just take our word for it. Here is a recent note from an InfraPros service customer.

"InfraPros stepped up and has provided outstanding support for our HVAC system. I have personally overseen the preparation of our steam boiler and associated system components for the upcoming heating season. Jeff Farlow, Kevin Cooper, and their team of technicians have found and implemented practical and low-cost solutions to problems that have been plaguing the system for years." -Donald Jensen, PCOC 10/23/2020

For years... not any more. Not on our watch.



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